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What to Know About Instagram's Algorithm Update

Instagram just did a MAJOR pivot to capitalize on TikTok's troubles. Two weeks ago, the photo-sharing app introduced four changes that its says will "give all creators a more equal chance of breaking through to new audiences."

Here's what to know about Instagram's latest algorithm update:

  • The ranking tech now gives smaller creators more distribution.

  • They've replaced reposts with original content in recommendations.

  • Reposted content is now labeled, with links to the original creator.

  • Content aggregators have been removed from recommendations.

And while the company's announcement highlights how creators will benefit from the shifts, the changes are drawing sharp criticism among its 2 billion-ish users – many of whom say it's too late to fix what broke two years ago. And a growing chorus of brand managers are voicing concerns that the moves don't address what they see as the bigger problems: 1) that Reels are still prioritized over everything else, and 2) that people want their chronological feeds back.

the instagram logo against a black background
Dark days ahead for Insta?

Those challenges started in 2022, when IG made sweeping changes to prioritize Reels – mainly because TikTok was eating its lunch. But the moves prompted scrutiny from celebrities, big brands, micro-influencers and the rest of us. A "Make Instagram Instagram Again" post from a user went viral and garnered millions of likes in a matter of days. In response, the company's execs walked back their bullish messaging and even admitted the changes weren't great – yet. 🤷‍♂️

Time will tell if this latest round of updates will truly make the platform better for brands, thought leaders, influencers and more. We'll be watching and will update you as things develop!


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