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The Best Hashtag Holidays for Nonprofits and Brands

Hey, guess what? Hashtag holidays are (still) a thing. And even though they've been around for years, so many brands and organizations remain baffled by how to handle them.

Our clients often ask us if they should post or sit them out. The answer is that it all depends on your core values, subject matter expertise, audience and the passion points you share. If there's a strong tie, then we're all for doing something meaningful. Just make sure that you're offering up something valuable to your audience. That could be expert tips or new insights on a topic from a nonprofit organization. For a CPG brand, it could mean a discount or even a giveaway. For a travel brand or destination, it could be a behind-the-scenes tour of an iconic site or historical landmark.

Here's a quick list to get you thinking about the best hashtag holidays for nonprofits and brands. The rundown below includes a few of our favorites plus other annual commemorations that predate social but have a home there now.

Hospitals and Healthcare Random Acts of Kindness Day - February 17

National Nurse's Day - May 6

World Alzheimer's Day - September 21

World Mental Health Day - October 10

World AIDS Day - December 1

Conservation Nonprofits

World Wildlife Day - March 3

Earth Day - April 22

World Oceans Day - June 8

Giving Tuesday - November 29

Travel Brands

National Plan for Vacation Day - January 31

World Storytelling Day - March 20

World Photography Day - August 19

World Tourism Day - September 27

Museums & Cultural Institutions

National Trivia Day - January 4

National Science Day - February 28

Pi Day - March 14

International Museum Day - May 18

Constitution Day - September 17

Retail and CPG Brands

National Siblings Day - April 10

National Donut Day - June 2

National Dog Day - August 26

National Coffee Day - October 1

World Teachers Day - October 5

National Cat Day - October 29


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