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PR and Comms - A Modern CEO's Best Partners

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

A new Morning Consult report shows that 69% of Americans polled believe CEOs should either communicate their position on social, political and cultural issues OR make statements on them when they are directly related to their business.

So, a strong majority think business leaders should have a voice and take a stand either sometimes or all of the time. And the numbers go even higher for Gen Z — to nearly 90%!

PR and Communications teams are the C Suite's best traveling partners for the road ahead. And NOW is the time to get plans and messages mapped out if you haven't already. Bond Studios can help you with this Checklist For Success shown here.

✔️ Regularly touch on your value and values through internal comms work so that your team understands vision, mission and brand DNA. Comms teams have the power to empower.

✔️ Using your vision, mission and brand guides, build a mechanism for assessing how, when and why your company could or would speak out.

✔️ With that process in mind, develop a communications matrix that clearly articulates your message for good times and bad.

✔️ Dust off (or build!) your crisis playbook for those bad times and run through the plan with your comms team and other key players. Don't ignore this important exercise.


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