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3 Marketing Predictions for 2023

It's that time of year: We're seeing so many marketing predictions hit LinkedIn and the industry trades this week. From all the stories we've read, here's what Team Bond sees as likely. None of these are surprising, BTW!

✔ Social media falters, starting with the death of a bluebird

Ripple effect – Without Twitter’s social listening data, brands will begin pivoting to community management, PR and communications plans that deprioritize social media.

✔ Influencers (continue to) lose, well, influence

Ripple effect – As social circles the drain, brands will pay more attention to fandom by developing stronger relationships with their diehard audiences, online and IRL.

✔ Humanity triumphs over machines in a post-pandemic world

Ripple effect – As IRL work/communication/experiences rise again and gain more value than ever before, agencies and clients alike say no to AI as copywriter and Metaverse as shiny object.


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