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Tackling the Sunday Scaries: Top Tips for Creatives

Updated: Oct 6

A majority of working adults polled say they've dealt with the Sunday Scaries – i.e., the anticipatory anxiety that comes with going back to work on Monday. For creative types, the Scaries can be particularly challenging because our jobs require us to get into a flow where we're endlessly pivoting our brains from left to right – bouncing between the business side (meetings, conference calls, billing our time) and our craft (brainstorming new concepts, building campaigns, designing and writing).

So, how can agency creatives go about tackling the Sunday Scaries? Team Bond assembled our top three tips for transitioning from downtime to go time:

1 - Spend Sunday morning exercising your body

Getting in a good sweat or just walking outside can boost your endorphins, ease tension and set a positive tone for the day. It's also good for your creative mind: in one study, Stanford University researchers found that walking boosted creative output by 60 percent. So many of us on Team Bond have shared that this works. We also advocate for mid-day walks during the work week to shake off any sluggishness and clear our minds for breakthrough ideas.

2 - Spend a little time in the afternoon making decisions – from basic to big – ahead of time

Plan tomorrow's outfit, prep meals or pack your lunch, and coordinate pet and childcare with your partner or family so that you have fewer decisions to make on a Monday morning. Did you know that geniuses and big thinkers like Steve Jobs fought decision fatigue by wearing the same thing every day? Jobs said he wore a black turtleneck and jeans every day so that he could save his brain power for decisions that mattered more. We're not going try this with our wardrobes – all of us love fashion a little too much – but we can totally get down with this concept in other areas of our life.

3 - At night, practice good sleep hygiene

Sounds simple, but getting a good night's sleep can pay off in the morning. Put down your phone an hour before bedtime to quiet your brain and keep a notebook on your nightstand. If thoughts or to-dos are tumbling around in your head as you crawl into bed, jot them down and clear the way for your mind to relax and restore itself.

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