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Superfans: The Power of Shared Passion

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Love cats? We do, too. All of 'em. But some people REALLY like particular breeds, maybe Norwegian Forest cats or British Longhairs like this gorgeous girl here. For these super fans, there are sites, YouTube channels, glossy magazines and social accounts to follow so they can dive down deep into content about —and only about—their particular favorites.

But it doesn't stop with cats. There's a micro community out there for every interest or passion point, whether you're into slime ASMR, porcelain dolls or vegan cooking. For super fans, these communities provide a place to nerd out with others who are equally obsessed. Here, the already initiated can gush, vent and share tips and information in a place where mindset and subject matter expertise rule over all else.

These superfans hold tremendous power. They can help you establish the caliber of your brand, product or service by way of referral, review or endorsement. But they can also quickly diminish you if they get turned off or feel dismissed. So, how do you effectively connect with these important and influential audiences? It starts with taking a journalistic approach.

Know Your Audience "General audience" content is dead and has been for a while, and a shallow-and-broad approach to marketing doesn't work anymore. So, who are YOUR people? What drives them and makes them feel alive? Get to know your existing audiences as well as the communities you think could find value in becoming a part of your world.

Go Deep With your niche audiences in mind, think about the three Cs - Captivate, Connect, Celebrate. In practice, that means intentionally building content that will thrill, acknowledge and lift up the enthusiasts in your specific community. Providing value—whether that takes the form of useful hacks, insider information or must-see entertainment—is absolutely mandatory.

Meet Your Audiences Where They Are After you've identified your enthusiast communities and adapted your storytelling to serve them, it's time to create a channel strategy and media plan that gets all of your tailored content—videos, social, experiential—straight to their phones, inboxes, mailboxes and events. But don't overdo it. Jump in only when you'll truly be providing value.

Engage Like You Mean It

Becoming a fully engaged and welcomed member of your communities is the end goal. But trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback, so it's important to show—and prove—your dedication. This takes time and may require you to check your ego at the door. Our advice for starters: engage regularly with your existing audiences and make a point to high-five those doing good, even competing brands. ❤️


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