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Gen Z's Behavior is Changing SEO: What to Know Now to Adapt Your Content Strategy

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The TikTok vs. Insta smackdown may make you think that content, above all else, should serve as entertainment. FALSE.

The savviest content experts and brand marketers—including all of us here at Bond—know that content has to do three things:

1) Captivate (i.e. - Stop the scroll)

2) Connect (Make your community, your audience, your customer feel seen/heard/understood!)

3️) Provide real value (Yes, this could be entertainment sometimes, but more often consumers are looking for how-to guidance, helpful information, immediate support, or advice on emerging issues.)

For example, did you know that 40 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 an 24 find restaurants with Instagram or TikTok instead of Google? That's nearly half of Gen Z using social as search!

And if you haven't seen TikTok's latest commercial that loudly broadcast its new focus on service-based content ("TikTok Taught Me"), go watch it on YouTube to see the future of the platform.

The bottom line: If you're a business owner and think you can give up on social because cat videos are taking over, think again. Instead of pulling away, focus your content on service, particularly how-to videos, of-the-moment insights, trend reports, or sneak peeks at new offerings/products/services, and you'll be ahead of your competitors.


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