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From the Social Desk: What to Know About LinkedIn's Algorithm Changes

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Yesterday, Entrepreneur magazine published a lengthy piece revealing many of LinkedIn's algorithm changes, which for months have been mystifying the platform's casual posters and most influential contributors alike.

Bond's social team pored over the story to pull the juiciest tips for getting better engagement from the platform. Here's our TL;DR recap:

Posts that share (industry) specific knowledge and advice are now prioritized

Your posts that provide specific and topical how-to advice and/or help people solve problems impacting their industry, field or business will be shared to your followers and a wider audience that may find them valuable.

a window at LinkedIn's headquarters building

So, how does LinkedIn identify "knowledge and advice"?

LinkedIn engineers and leaders say that the algorithm is looking "to see that you are building a community around content, and around knowledge-sharing that you are uniquely qualified to talk about." Their tips: Address your specific audience/community; and write about things in your area of expertise only. (If you're not a bona fide authority on the subject, don't post about it.)

Posts that offer perspective are prioritized

Posts that offer generic information are demoted, while ones drawn from the writer's own perspective – especially posts that offer insights, too – are rewarded by the algorithm. Consider posting using this format: "share news, offer opinion/perspective, give advice".

"Meaningful comments" give your posts a boost

This one is largely out of your control, but it's important to note how the platform views comments and engagement: Commenters asking relevant questions or adding their own thoughts to the conversation = good. Post comments that are basic, like "So true!" = not great for your engagement.

If you post often on LinkedIn or are planning to amp up your social strategy for 2024, consider this food for thought.


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