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Wins, Losses and Mindset: Our Founder & CEO on Bringing Realness to Job Interviews

Do you love to win or hate to lose? For years, I've asked this question in job interviews and can tell you that it makes nearly every candidate pause to reflect.

There's no wrong answer. But a person's response can reveal so much about how they work, how they treat themselves and others. I've heard countless perfectionists say they hate to lose because of how it affects their outlook; they've confessed that they're unable to recover quickly from embarrassment or disappointment.

Charismatic salespeople and introverted servant leaders have told me they love to win—but for very different reasons: deep competitive streaks and opportunities to shine a light on their team, respectively.

Still others show off great pragmatism in their response by saying they can't choose because how they respond to wins and losses is based a lot on the specific circumstances.

In my opinion, it's the perfect question to have a real conversation about mindset. I'm still asking it today when I interview people to join the team at Bond Studios.

P.S. - What's your answer?


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