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What Agencies Don't Want You to Know: There Are No Absolute Truths in Marketing

Last week, we saw a post from a big agency that admonished, "If you're not using influencers, you're doing it wrong." Full stop.

Another post on that same day, shared this time by a global agency, said that TikTok was the only social platform brands should be using in 2023.

And still another big creative shop bragged that their strategy team can help brands become early leaders in the metaverse. Get in early and stake your claim, it suggested.

But here's the thing: At best these statements are flawed. At worst, they're just wrong.

We can't name a single marketing tactic that's great for *every* brand on the planet. And putting all your focus on a single social platform is risky—just the same as placing your brand in the hands of an influencer or going big on something that most people don't yet understand or care to learn about like the metaverse.

So, here's what we do know: There are no absolutes in marketing. It's all about measuring risk and reward and applying those calculations to your messages and media. Agencies can help you do that if they don't forget their own humanity.

Ready to make a real (flexible, doable, on-brand, human, clear, budget-friendly) plan for 2023? We are! Let's chat.


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