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Moonstruck at 35 and The Power of Place in Marketing & Communications

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Movie magic has the power to drive travel and tourism – even decades after a film premieres. Philly, for one, still cashes in on Rocky to this day.

On this day 35 years ago, Moonstruck debuted as a quiet holiday film but quickly mesmerized audiences with its message that love, at its best, is out of our control. The romantic comedy stars Cher and Nicolas Cage, but the other important players are Brooklyn Heights and Manhattan – restaurants, Lincoln Center, a funeral home, the family bakery, their neighborhood liquor store.

Today, throngs of tourists from around the world still flock to NYC to get a glimpse of the places where iconic scenes were captured in 1987. So, what can comms pros and marketers learn from our long-held obsession with the spaces that made the moments?

That place can be as important as language when telling stories. Now that events and promotions are happening IRL again, what scenes and environments are you creating for your audience? What emotions could they evoke? And what will your audience remember about how your spaces made them feel?


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