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From the CEO's Desk: The Big Game's Best Ad

Lots of talk today about last night's ads, so here's my take: I love the rabble-rousing approach that Tubi took, but The Farmer's Dog's journey-through-life ad stuck with me throughout the big game and is STILL tugging on the hearts of millions of pet owners today.

So, why did we all hug our dogs a little too long last night and this morning? Three reasons:

1 - On a macro level, the ad evoked all the feels in ways strong enough to make us act – commence hugging. (Brand marketing speak - It offered a positive brand impression, invited action and aligned its values with a universal human truth that most people cherish: unconditional love.)

2 - Using a modern strategic marketing playbook and a bit of psychology, the ad managed to tap into sentimentalism and nostalgia *just enough* to cement itself in our memory. (Brand marketing speak - The ad effectively aligns its products with human feelings and FOMO, further prompting brand discovery.)

3 - From a comms perspective, it simply reminded us of what we desperately want: as much time with our four-legged companions as possible. The product, a high-quality pet food, might just give us what we so desire. (Brand marketing speak - It effectively shows how it could add value.)

Captivating, clear, powerful and positive. An all-around Best in Show. ❤️ 🐶


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