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Food Trends Worth Watching in 2024: Basic, But Better

Updated: Jan 26

At the start of each new year, lifestyle media outlets publish their breathless predictions about which dishes will be on every restaurant menu in the coming year. But this time, it's different. Instead of predicting what we'll eat, food mavens are talking about how we'll eat. Okay, we're interested.

Here are three food trends worth watching in 2024 - and trying - for all of our friends in travel, tourism, lifestyle and hospitality circles.

Snacks > meals Instead of indulging in heavy three-course meals at restaurants or whipping up huge plates for dinner at home, we'll opt for grazing throughout the day. A quick bite here, another taste there, or even a drink over there. More chances to explore novel flavors and try new hot spots while staying on budget. Travel brands and destination marketing orgs, take note: Food-focused itineraries and progressive dinner FAM tours could hit the mark this year.

Dressing down IN: Adding zest with basic lemon and olive oil. OUT: Drowning meals in hot sauce and overwhelming condiments. We'll use old-fashioned butter and cream as a staple ingredient for our sauces.

Familiar > fad

Meals go back to basics, with comfort foods and no-frills preparations. Tomato sauces. Baked casseroles but with whole food ingredients. So, forget the chickle – hooray! – and other TikTok food fads that flood your feeds. 2024's best menus and of-the-moment flavors will be familiar.


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