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Advice for Brands in 2022: Show Your Value & Values

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In uncertain or unprecedented times, deciding what to say and how to say it—and then backing up those cogent words with equally strong actions is something that requires real expertise and strategy.

As so many moments of national significance unfold, we're hearing the same question from our strategic comms clients: "How do we make sense of this moment—for us, our brand, our community?"

Here are three tips for preparing human-centric messages and showing the work when it really, REALLY matters.

1) Plan and prepare well before the situation's right in front of you. Develop a strategic communications matrix that helps you anticipate scenarios—crises included—where you'd be at the center of a meaningful response, or might be called upon to enter the conversation as part of a group.

2) Focus on value and values. What do you stand for? Spotlight what you champion. What service, assistance or information can you provide that's truly helpful to your audience or impacted communities? Deliver it to them, fast. Or at least make it more accessible.

3) Prove your dedication. Today it's not enough to say you support something with a social media post or a press release. In fact, doing that alone can backfire. The public wants to see your receipts, so regularly showcasing how you're contributing to causes, addressing issues and supporting communities closest to your brand is critically important year-round. If you're only doing it reactively in a crisis, it's a sign that you may want to re-evaluate more than just your communications strategy. ❤️


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