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The Latest Strategy to Win the War For Talent: Destination Marketing

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When more people today can do their jobs from anywhere in the world, why should they return to a workplace—a sterile office, a long commute, an uninspiring city—that isn't going to offer soul, excitement and new experiences? That's the BIG question employers are grappling with across America as effects of the Great Resignation continue to unfold.

To win 2022's war for talent, the savviest HR teams are building destination marketing strategies to showcase their organization's distinctive culture, space and place in the world. But let's be clear: courting the globe's best candidates for IRL roles involves more than just pushing out top restaurants listicles on social and draping your hiring collateral in stock shots of cityscapes like this one here.

To be successful, these efforts have to be centered around real editorial content—the kind of storytelling that captivates, celebrates and creates connections through human-interest profiles, feature articles and original photography. The copy isn't advertorial or promotional; and the images are photojournalistic. Nothing posed, cliche or contrived.

The Bond Studios team specializes in this work. Let's talk soon and start working toward something great in 2023. Together, we can tell your story in new and powerful ways.

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