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Spring Events in Annapolis: Flowers, Film & Flyovers

Spring is ☀️HERE ☀️in our hometown of Annapolis, and it’s not just the gorgeous weather we love about the season. Check out three of our favorite events happening soon in Naptown, and come visit us if you’re in the neighborhood!

March 23 - 26

Now in its 11th year, the Annapolis Film Festival brings together filmmakers and fans to view the latest productions and discuss trends and topics in cinema. This year's four-day fest kicks off with a screening of the forthcoming film Chevalier and we CANNOT WAIT!

May 1

May Day in Annapolis means fresh flowers are EVERYWHERE. The annual celebration began in 1956 when a local garden club encouraged neighbors to mark the start of the season by hanging baskets of fresh-cut blooms on their doors and porches. Flower fan or not - the spectacle is truly magical and part of what gives Naptown so much charm.

May 19 - 26 Commissioning Week is the time each year when U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen graduate and are commissioned into the military. One of the highlights of the days-long celebration is the air show put on by the Blue Angels. The squadron practices its maneuvers over City Dock in the days leading up to graduation, then flies over in formation during the ceremony to fete the graduating class. Gives us goosebumps EVERY TIME.


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