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3 Storytelling Elements for Connecting with Busy Consumers

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Copywriting, brand journalism and content development are very different practices. But when done right, all three begin with audience in mind. Creating compelling stuff starts with understanding the wants, needs, fears, challenges, and hopes of the humans who'll be consuming the information and messages created.

At Bond, we go a step further by using the Three As – Action, Angle, and Anecdote – when developing stories. Whether we're producing a video series, crafting social posts or reporting on trends and emerging issues for a client's publication, we start by considering these must-haves for attention and impact:


People *doing* things and the overall movement that drives the story. This is the excitement that helps your audience grab on willingly at the start and hold on tight until the end.


The hook, the details that make people care enough to stop, consume, think and engage. These help you get specific quickly and touch hearts and minds.


The human-interest details that serve as tiny tales for explaining a larger phenomenon. These are the individual scenes of human experience that make the bigger picture easier to understand.


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