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2023 Style & Beauty Forecast: 5 Trends We're Watching

Bond Studio is filled with ex-journalists who covered fashion and lifestyle among other beats. So, we adore working with clients who need help forecasting style and beauty trends and creating content that helps them translate these buzzy looks, products or services for their audiences.

We recently took a look at what consumers will be asking for at spas, salons and beauty counters this year. Here are our top five insights:

1 - TURTLE POWER They had a moment before, and now tortoiseshell manicures are back with even more devotees.

2 - PAGING BETTIE Searches on Pinterest for styles with Bettie Page-style micro bangs (aka baby bangs) are way up – more than 100%.

3 - BIG HAIR TikTok tutorials were behind 2022’s #90sblowout craze, which will carry on through this year.

4 - DO THE DEW Dewy skin > #glassskin in 2023, with a focus on products that include skin barrier-friendly ingredients like squalane.

5 - FACE TIME Gua sha and at-home face yoga will continue their rise while pricey spa facials fall out of favor.


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